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Your Bespoke Financial Plan

At the core of the Jessop service is the production of your financial plan - the Jessop Masterplan. Each Masterplan is different and is individually created for you.

The Masterplan will seek to answer the financial questions that are of real importance to you and your family - below are some of our clients' questions that we have answered:

We create your Masterplan using the latest Financial Planning Technology. Please click on the graph to see an extract from a hypothetical Masterplan.

Voyant graph

Please contact us if you wish to obtain an example Masterplan.

To make sure that your Masterplan has the best possible chance of being realised, we implement a bespoke investment management programme.

Just as life is constantly changing, so your Masterplan is updated each year to reflect your own changing circumstances. In order to create your Masterplan, we follow the process outlined below:

Step 1.
Discovery Meeting

This is where we get to understand more about you and what is important to you in life. We want to know where you are today, but more importantly, where you want to be tomorrow, because this allows us to define your goals and create your Masterplan. We will ask you to sign a letter of authority, so that we can go about gathering information on your financial affairs.

Step 2.
Masterplan Meeting - 4 weeks after Discovery Meeting

This is where we report back to you once we have gained information on your financial affairs. We will have prepared a draft Masterplan based on the goals outlined at the Discovery Meeting. We will present the Masterplan for discussion, along with a summary of recommended changes.

Step 3.
Mutual Commitment Meeting - 1 week after Masterplan Meeting

This is where we answer queries that you may have about the Masterplan and alter the Masterplan accordingly. We will also introduce you to the Jessop Investment Philosophy which underpins our ongoing services. We will then prepare the paperwork to allow the implementation of your Masterplan to begin.

Step 4.
Ongoing Review

As part of our ongoing services, we will update your Masterplan at least annually to ensure that we take into account any changes in your life and to ensure that you continue to be on course to meet your goals for the future.